Clarence White D2S 42 CJ MAD 00-42 KOA
SJ-41 CUSTOM CJ JUMBO OM3 Maple OM2 Herringbone
Small Jumbo Maple C10 Custom 000-2 SB
UT41-K UKULELE UT3-K UKULELE UC3-K Ukulele UC2-K Ukulele
Collings Guitars is one the premier small builders of exceptionally highly regarded guitars and mandolins.  Located in Austin Texas, the Collings factory hand builds every guitar from the finest materials and with the highest possible attention to detail.  Collings Guitars are regularly regarded as some of the best sounding instruments you can buy at any price.  I am proud to own several different Collings models - a rare Brazilian Dreadnaught, a 12-fret Short Scale Dreadnaught, a Madgascar Jumbo, a Maple Small Jumbo, an OM, 00 and 000 slotheads, and a C10 size deep body. Not to mention Mandolin, Mandola and two of the finest sounding koa Ukuleles you will find anywahere. It is my pleasure to share these wonderful instruments with you on these photo pages of my collection. Thanks for looking.


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